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MyLiveSignature Affiliate Program FAQ

What is the MyLiveSignature Affiliate Program?

The MyLiveSignature Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing program that enables any web site owner to earn a 20% commission on sales of MyLiveSignature services transacted through their site. The Affiliate program sells basic 20$ gift certificates. Everybody wins - we get more exposure for our services, and you have the opportunity to increase your site's earning power. There are no hidden costs - all you need to do is direct visitors to our site through a special link and wait for the revenue to come in!

How much will you really make by spreading the word about MyLiveSignature?
Users referred by your ad: Your earnings per day Your earnings per year
US$50.00 per day US$10.00 US$3,650.00
US$500.00 per day US$100.00 US$36,500.00
US$1,000.00 per day US$200.00 US$73,000.00


How do I become an Affiliate?

It's simple - just follow these three easy steps:

1. We use the Plimus system to track and process orders. Please, sign up by filling out a brief online registration form.

2. After your request has been approved, you can use the following special link on your web sites:

Link to the MyLiveSignature website:

* username is your Plimus Affiliate username (do not enter your ID here, enter your Plimus username).

Alternatively you can use this link:

Link to the MyLiveSignature website:

* username is your Plimus Affiliate username (do not enter your ID here, enter your Plimus username).

3. Start earning referral fees. You'll always have access to your earnings and traffic reports through the Affiliate Account area.

When do I get paid?

Plimus transfers payments to your account on a monthly basis.

How can I check the status of my sales?

You can check the status of your sales 24 hours a day through the Plimus Affiliate Account area.

Are there any restrictions for registering as a MyLiveSignature Affiliate Partner?

We welcome partners from all over the world, regardless of size and market reach. Our Affiliate signup is free of charge and is available to any web-site operator.


If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.