Create a new signature or font

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Email signature

Create using our step-by-step wizard

Select this method if you want to easily create a life like signature. You will have to enter the name of the signature, select the handwriting that suits you from the offered list, specify the size, color and slope of the signature and it will be ready.
This will produce a static + an animated version of your signature
draw your signature

Create by drawing your signature on the screen

Select this method if you want to draw your signature by hand/mouse directly on the screen. This is a fun and easy way to make your own signature. You can use a mouse to go over an existing signature and replicate it too.
Signature from scan

Create a signature based on a signature photo/scan

This is a paid upgrade. You can simply take a photo of your signature and upload it to the site. Our design team will then manually digitize it for you.
Personal font

Create a personal font

This is a paid upgrade. It allows you to send us a special form with your own handwriting on it. Our team will then transform your handwriting into a special font which can be installed on any computer. This will allow you to write documents in your own handwritng on the computer. As a bonus you will also get a personal hand made signature from our team.