30 Alternatives to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing from You”

In professional communication, “Looking forward to hearing from you” has become a go-to way to close an email. While it conveys a sense of anticipation, using the exact phrase repeatedly can make your correspondence seem monotonous. To add a touch of variety and warmth to your emails, consider using these 30 alternatives that convey the same sentiment while keeping your communication fresh and engaging.

30 Alternatives to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing from You”

1. Anticipating Your Response 

Expresses eagerness while maintaining a professional tone.

2. Anxiously Awaiting Your Reply 

Conveys a sense of heightened excitement and anticipation.

3. Eagerly Awaiting Your Feedback 

Highlights your eagerness to receive their response or thoughts.

4. Excited to Hear Back from You

Infuses positivity and enthusiasm into your closing.

5. Looking Forward to Receiving Your Update 

Acknowledges their forthcoming input or information.

6. Can’t Wait to Read Your Thoughts 

Adds a personal touch to your anticipation.

7. Hoping for a Prompt Reply 

Conveys your expectations for a timely response.

8. Thrilled to See Your Email in My Inbox 

Incorporates an element of delight and warmth.

9. Excited to Learn More 

Indicates your eagerness to gather more information.

10. Curious to Hear Your Take 

Invites their perspective while maintaining an open-ended tone.

30 Alternatives to Say “Looking Forward to Hearing from You”

11. Eagerly Awaiting Further Details 

Conveys your readiness to dive into the specifics.

12. Anxious to Collaborate 

Shows your keenness to work together.

13. Looking Ahead to Your Input 

Their input is essential for moving forward.

14. Enthusiastically Awaiting Your Response 

Injects enthusiasm into your anticipation.

15. Hopeful for Your Insightful Reply 

Conveys optimism and appreciation for their insights.

16. Can’t Wait to Exchange Thoughts 

Adds a personal touch by emphasizing exchanging ideas.

17. Excitedly Counting on Your Reply 

Conveys trust in their response.

18. Awaiting Your Valuable Input 

Emphasizes the importance of their contribution.

19. Eager for Your Feedback 

Reflects your eagerness to hear their thoughts.

20. Looking Ahead to Connecting 

Implies a future connection and continuation of the conversation.

21. Excited for Our Discussion 

Sets a positive tone for upcoming discussions.

22. Hopeful for Your Consideration 

Conveys your anticipation of their thoughtful consideration.

23. Anticipating Your Thoughts 

Highlights your interest in their perspective.

24. Can’t Wait to Discuss Further 

Expresses enthusiasm for extended discussions.

25. Eagerly Awaiting Your Response 

Underlines your anticipation of their reply.

26. Anxiously Looking for Your Input 

Conveys a heightened sense of urgency and anticipation.

27. Excited to Engage in Conversation 

Invites further interaction and dialogue.

28. Hopeful for Your Expertise 

Expresses optimism about their specialized knowledge.

29. Looking Forward to Your Take 

Invites their unique viewpoint.

30. Eagerly Awaiting Your Perspective 

Conveys your anticipation of their viewpoint.

When choosing an alternative to “Looking forward to hearing from you,” it is crucial to consider the email’s context and your relationship with the recipient. For example, if you are writing to a potential client, you may want to use a more formal alternative, such as “I look forward to hearing from you soon.” However, if you are writing to a friend or colleague, you can use a more informal alternative, such as “I’m always happy to hear from you.”

The most important thing is to be genuine and sincere in your expression of interest. If you genuinely look forward to hearing from someone, your choice of words will reflect that.

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